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I have been absent for a long time, but I decided to write a short post to invite you all to vote. I think that something that is very difficult to defeat is abstention.  We cannot blame governments or argue that politicians are doing wrong if we don’t elect them, if we accept passively that other choose for us, I think. It is not that we cannot criticize, but we I believe that we don’t have the same amount of reason if we keep let going the possibility to participate, to build democracy with our participation.

I think also that our vote, this time, needs to be more conscious. Many are calling to vote ‘strategically’, which literally means vote liberal if we really want to change government. I don’t believe in that. If you are liberal or you trust them, go ahead, but if you think that NPD or the Green Party deserves your confidence, respect that, be loyal to yourself.  It is really important to verify who is promising to do what, and to feel that it is going to respect their commitments. We need a change, that, I cannot deny. I think that this government needs to be refreshed, but we need to put in the balance who is addressing the real issues and not trying to make us talk of subjects that they don’t resolve when they could do it (covered faces and so on). We are part of the 99% and we need to vote for a good and decent salary, access to jobs, right to welfare and health, public services, respect of the environment, transparency in government, honesty in people in key roles… Those are the issues to talk about, not to continue provoking hate and fear in a ethnic group.

So dear Canadians, wherever you are, let’s go to vote on Monday!

a deshacerse de la adicción oculta al azúcar

Vaya que una gran mayoría de nosotros consume productos que están azucarados sin que esté claro, y que nos hemos acostumbrado a éstos, creándonos lo que puede considerarse como una adicción.

Hoy día, estudios diversos reconocen que el azúcar estimula nuestro cerebro de la misma manera en que lo haría drogas potentes como la cocaína o la heróina.  Sin embargo, también hay quienes buscan encontrar soluciones para que podamos superar estas adicciones.

Elimine la adicción al azúcar en una semana con hierbabuena:

Afortunadamente se puede vencer la adicción al azúcar utilizando herramientas naturales como el aceite esencial de menta.

Alan Hirsch MD estudió la capacidad de la menta para afectar directamente el centro de saciedad del cerebro, lo que provoca una sensación de saciedad después de las comidas.

Él encontró que la inhalación de menta puede afectar directamente al centro de saciedad del cerebro, el núcleo ventro-medial del hipotálamo.

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Para aprovechar todas las ventajas de este versátil producto, aquí se nos ofrecen 10 distintas maneras de utilizarlo:

1. Prepárate para tu manicura favorita

Toma un poco de bicarbonato y añádele un poco de agua. Utiliza un pedazo de tela y frota el área alrededor de tus uñas, y luego lávate las manos. Después de haber hecho esto, puedes comenzar a pulir las uñas.

2. Exfoliante para el cuerpo

Mezcla tres partes iguales de bicarbonato de sodio, agua y avena molida. Aplica este exfoliante natural en tu piel, y quita la piel muerta con movimientos circulares suaves. Después de que hayas terminado con la exfoliación, toma una ducha caliente y aplica tu crema corporal hidratante favorita.

3. El bicarbonato de sodio suaviza la piel dura

Puedes suavizar la piel dura de tus manos y pies con bicarbonato de sodio. Llena un recipiente con agua tibia y añade 2 cucharadas de bicarbonato de sodio y unas gotas de aceite de lavanda. Remoja tus áreas problemáticas en el agua, y luego prepara un exfoliante mezclando tres partes iguales de bicarbonato de sodio, una parte de agua y una parte de azúcar morena. Enjuaga y aplica un poco de crema hidratante.

4. Lavar el cabello

Si deseas limpiar tu cabello de todo el champú y acondicionador que queda después de lavarlo, puedes agregar unas cucharadas de bicarbonato de sodio en tu champú favorito. Aplica la mezcla en tu cabello, frota suavemente y enjuaga el cabello con agua tibia.

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Onion has always been a part of our meals, whether consumed raw or in a salad. These natural cures with onion will help you cure numerous health conditions.

Onion compresses

When you have a headache, swelling, ear pain or a cold, apply compresses from cut onion on the affected area.

In high temperatures, put compresses from cut onion onto your legs.

In case of nose bleed, apply compresses from cut onion onto the neck.

If you have a bite from a wild animal, apply compresses from cut onion on the wounds.

For skin ulcer or subcutaneous ulcer, ground one onion and mix it with a bit of olive oil, and then apply it onto the painful spot and keep it for an hour or two.

Onion juice

Helping the environment and your pocket!

a lamp that works with water and salt!

Lighting is something that we take for granted in the developed world, but there are still many areas around the globe where people lack reliable access to light at night. They often use kerosene lamps, which contribute to indoor pollution and have to be refilled with oil regularly.

Aisa Mijeno, an engineering professor who worked for years with Greenpeace Philippines, noticed during her work there that many indigenous people in the over-7,000 islands that make up the country were using kerosene lamps exclusively for lighting. The family she lived with there would have to climb down the mountain that they lived on and then walk an additional 30 km to the nearest town in order to get more oil to fuel their lamps.

Mileno wanted to come up with a lighting solution that was both better for the environment and made the lives of the people better and easier.


Fast and effective weight loss has never been easier … It sounds almost like a myth or a fairy tale. However, during the decade, Japanese physician Fukutsudzi helps women to lose weight as soon as possible. And this is without dieting, strenuous exercise and spending money. Free and quick weight loss there is, you say. But this is not true!

Lose Weight

The method is described by the Japanese in his book that is sold in Asia, with a circulation of six million copies – is obviously a hit!
The doctor says that you don’t need any special tools for rapid weight loss. Also, you need a big towel, twine or ribbon to fasten the towel in roll, and flat surface – three times for five minutes a day.